Welcome to #isolationnation

We are a channel on AfterNet which supports people with mental health challenges, and people who are lonely.

If the chat-room is quiet then please stay logged in as people come and go all of the time.

We are an on-line family of people who have been affected by mental illness in some form, whether it be ourselves, a family member looking for support or information, or a close friend.  NOTE:  We are not doctors, and we are not here to give professional medical or psychiatric advice.  However, most people in our channel have had personal experiences in dealing with psychiatric medications or the varying symptoms of mental illness, and can discuss that information based solely on our personal experiences or observations only.  Before taking any suggestions about medications or psychiatric care discussed in our channel,  please seek your own professional advice.

Staff :
Owners : Redfoxcountry
Webmaster : Redfoxcountry
Operators :   Redfoxcountry, Tamar

Please choose an appropriate and consistent nick. If you choose a name that’s already in use by one of our chatters you will be asked to choose an alternative nickname by typing /nick ……….. <= your name here

Please do not post links which might upset others. If you are asked to stop posting links, and you continue, you will be devoiced and possibly banned. This is an English-speaking channel.  If you can’t speak in English, you will be devoiced.  Speaking other languages in several sentences that only one or two other people can understand is considered rude and disrespectful.

If you wish to send a PM (or Private Message) to someone in the chat, you must first ask permission in the main chat room.  Do not PM anyone without first getting his/her permission to do so.

It’s not allowed to discourage other chatters to take their medication.

It is strongly suggested that if you don’t like what someone is saying, simply utilize the “ignore” feature.  It’s easy to do, and will make your chatting experience more enjoyable.  To ignore a chatter, click on their nick in the list and select “ignore”.If you get overwhelmed by dual conversations you could ask your conversation partner to private message instead.

The use of Tor or proxies is a serious violation of AfterNet rules, and the person using these methods on any channel in AfterNet is subject to extreme measures including being glined.

This is an international chat room.  People from all over the world come here for chatting about mental illness in a supportive environment.  Thus, insulting or speaking in a negative way about someone’s country, culture, sexual orientation, religion, political affliation, race, etc., will result in action taken by the channel’s operators, whether it be a devoicing, or leading up to a ban.

The topic of illegal drug use is not discussed here except when you need advice on how to quit drugs.

Profanity is not allowed. Do not swear. Persistent swearing will result in a ban.

Pornography is not permitted in any form.  No links, pics, etc.

Violent images or videos are not allowed.

Spamming is not tolerated and will result in devoicing and likely a kick from the channel.

Trolling and/or instigating:  Do not start or enter into a conversation merely to provoke someone in a negative manner.  While we don’t mind debates and encourage healthy discussions, any provocation or instigation of others will result in devoicing of all parties involved, for a length of time determined at the operator’s discretion.

Monologues, typically in the form of scrolling or flooding the channel, while there are others currently having a chat or discussion, are extremely disruptive and rude.  You will be asked to stop.  If you do not stop, you will be devoiced.

Encouraging another person in chat to harm themselves, or to harm others, is an automatic ban, and there will be no warning.  (This serves as your warning, beforehand.)

If you are devoiced, you will be told by the operator when you are to be revoiced.  Do not PM the ops about it.  You were devoiced for a reason, and nagging the ops in PM will just extend the length of your devoice.  Sending rude or hostile PMs  to the ops will result in a ban without warning.  (This serves as your warning, beforehand.)

If you have been banned from the channel, you were surely warned, or have been warned by reading these rules.  Therefore, any PMing, Skyping, Facebook messaging, etc., of ops and owners during this ban will extend the length of your ban.

Initial bans usually last a matter of days.  People who frequently get banned for disrupting the channel with the same inappropriate behavior will have their bans extended.

Devoice evasion will result in a ban.

Ban evasion is a violation of AfterNet’s rules: this will result in being glined. (= banned from the whole afternet server )

These rules are merely a guideline, and application of your common sense is encouraged.  New situations will arise daily.  If you are asked by an op to stop doing something inappropriate, or to change the topic, etc., and you choose not to change your behaviour, then this shows to us that you also are choosing to accept whatever consequences that may be given to you.

(Thank you to #thevillage for the use of their guidelines)